Personal Focaccias with antipasti


Baking Ingredients
 800 g Bread Mix
 40 g Fresh Yeast
 500 ml Slightly Warm Water
 6 tbsp Olive Oil
 35 g Salt
Topping Ingredients
 150 g Dried Tomatoes or Olives
 200 g Mix of Yellow&Mozzarella Cheese
 100 g Black Olives without the pits
 200 g Vegetable Antipasti: Sliced Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onion, Slices of Pepper
 1 dash Olive Oil and Salt



For the antipasti: Put the vegetables in a baking mold with olive oil and salt on top, and grill them for several minutes until they get slightly soft and burnt. Take out of the oven and leave to cool.


In a mixer’s bowl with a kneading head, mix the flour and yeast. Create a small hole in the canter of the mixture and add the water, olive oil and salt, than raise the kneading speed to medium. Continue with the kneading for 10 min until you get soft and sticky dough, than cover the bowl with a nylon rap until the dough raises and doubles its size.


Divide the dough into 90 g balls, than mold them in a bowl like shape, using your knuckles (Leave the edges thicker). Leave the shaped dough to raise for another 15 min, then press it again with your knuckles and leave the edges thicker.


Spread the dried tomatoes/olives on the focaccia, than add a bit from the cheese mix, antipasti and black olives. On top add some olive oil and salt and leave it to raise for another 30-40 min.


Heat the oven to 220̊ c, bake for 15 min and serve when it is hot

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