Welcome to the Future of Gluten-Free World

A major part of every business success is forecasting the future and planning ahead accordingly. In these days it's even harder, but we want to make your life easier.

Brioche with jam and strawberries

You are looking at the future of GF world right now, at this moment.

GF Baked Goods As Never Imagined Before

A future when everything you make feels the same, smells the same, looks the same, but most importantly- tastes exactly the same, so you can not even tell the difference. Gain this way loyal customers who will always return because it’s so good.

Our flours and mixes answer the needs of other potential markets

Opening New Markets with our Added Values

The added nutritional values of our flours and mixes- low sugar and salt, lactose and all other allergens free, low fat, low glycemic values, non GMO, extra nutritional fibers and extra protein makes it a perfect match for other major markets as well-
Wether it’s the market for people with diabetes, the wellness market, the trainers market, the vegan market, the kosher market…The opportunities are abundant…

"…What is now proved was once only imagined"

– William Blake

Credit: BliKemach (PR) Afik Gabay.
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