For 25 Large Eclairs
 150 g Multi-Purpose Mix
 250 g Water
 150 g Butter or Margarine
 6 g Sugar
 1.50 g Salt
 300 g Eggs



Heat the oven to medium-high 200°C
Cook the butter, water and salt in a pot and bring to a boil – over a flame, stirring until a quick and complete melting of the butter


Remove the pot from the flame and pour the flour into it at once. With a wooden spoon stir vigorously until it becomes a uniform mass (when the dough separates from the sides of the bowl).


Return the pot and continue cooking over a high flame, stirring constantly with the wooden spoon, until the mixture unites into a ball that is detached from the sides of the pot and spoon.


Transfer the dough into a mixer bowl equipped with a guitar hook and mix slightly at medium speed for partial cooling


When the dough has cooled slightly (still hot but no heat fumes are visible), add the eggs one after the other. Add the next egg only after the previous one has been completely absorbed in the dough, continue to mix until a soft, thin dough (do the”wire test” if needed add 1/2 or 0/25 of an egg)


Transfer the batter into a pastry bag with a smooth or serrated ending 1.5 cm diameter and sprinkle evenly on baking paper with a uniformly rotating motion from the outside to the inside.


Bake for 30 min, remove and cool before filling

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